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Our companies in Tempcon

The Tempcon Group comprises a cluster of innovative and entrepreneurial companies which are specialists in unbroken, temperature-controlled, refrigeration chains.

Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, Hjärnarp

Tommy Nordbergh performs different types of logistics assignments with its core business in temperature-controlled food transportation. Services and overall solutions are offered within logistics through engaged employees and long-term relationships which have the minimum possible climate impact and which exceed the customer’s expectations.

Contact Jonas Råstedt
Tel +46 (0)431-44 90 40
E-mail jr@tnordbergh.se

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PG Lots, Linköping

PG Lots AB offers services within staffing, haulage, logistics and terminal, as well as workshop. Customer relationships are characterised by their long-term nature and close collaborations, which is a demonstration of the company’s high quality.

Contact Mikael Carlsson
Tel +46 (0)13-14 64 00
E-mail mikael@pglots.se

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Klimat Transport, Helsingborg

Temperature-sensitive freight requires special logistics solutions. Klimat-transport is a specialist in unbroken refrigeration chains, with fast decision paths, reliability and high quality the distinguishing features of the company. It offers warehouse & terminal as well as temperature-controlled transportation.

Contact Mats Söderström
Tel +46 (0)42 – 15 33 15
E-mail mats.soderstrom@klimat-transport.se

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Claessons Transport, Ljungby

Claessons Transport AB was set up in Ljungby in 2004 and has subsequently grown into a significant transport partner in the Swedish market. Customers are offered responsible and environmentally-friendly logistics services within areas including chilled & heated, direct transports, long-distance transports and stock-keeping through flexible partnerships.

Contact Peter Claesson
Tel +46 (0)372 – 832 18
E-mail bokning@claessonstransportab.se

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PL Fraktservice, Uddevalla

PL Fraktservice AB is a transportation contractor established in 1994. The company is based in Uddevalla and basically offers chilled, frozen and heated transports, but also other transport services such as warehousing and terminal. Close collaboration with customers, focusing on service and quality, is always most important.

Contact Peter Lengrell
Tel +46 (0)522-66 56 00
E-mail peter@plfrakt.se

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Sydfrys, Helsingborg

Since its establishment in 1976, Sydfrys has grown into a significant player in the Swedish market for temperature-controlled logistics. The firm has three modern and strategically located facilities for storage, processing and onward transport of refrigerated and frozen foodstuffs. With complete quality assurance and control of the entire logistics chain, Sydfrys can offer its customers services and solutions adapted to their needs.

Tel +46 (0)42-38 86 60
E-mail sydfrys@sydfrys.se

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Mörarps Frystransporter, Helsingborg

Mörarps Frystransporter is located in Mörarp. It has a turnover of SEK 20 million and 10 employees. The company was founded in 1995 and today performs all types of logistics assignments, including refrigerated and frozen transports.

Tel +46 (0)42-718 80
E-mail  mf@sydfrys.se

Logex, Umeå

Logex AB is an expansive logistics company with operations in Norrland and its head office in Umeå. The company was formed in 2007 and today is a strong market player offering logistics services to customers throughout Sweden with the focus on transporting food. It also offers package solutions for warehousing, logistics and distribution based on the customers’ specific needs and wishes. Logex has some 110 employees who create profitable customer relationships through their high level of engagement and long-term approach.

Tel +46 (0)90-10 00 66
E-mail info@logex.se

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Tempcon Stockholm

Tempcon Stockholm is your local specialist if the need is temperature controlled logistics. Our business is based in Tumba, where we have a terminal, which is adapted to handle unbroken cooling chains. We offer everything from local distribution, remote traffic, warehouse or 3PL solutions.
Contact  Cherie Svensson
Tel  +46 (0)10-2078870
AddressTuna gårdsväg 11, 14743 Tumba
E-mail  cherie.svensson@tempcon.se